How did we go from a policy paper to a growing movement? What causes restaurants to turn to us? Who are the people and bodies behind the project?

    • "Hashgacha Pratit” is an association with a clear purpose: to return Israeli Kashrut to the public domain. “Hashgacha Pratit” is a story of change from bottom-up, a story of people who would not accept the current reality.
    • With time, as a result of a decades-old monopoly on Mashgiach and Kashrut services, the public’s trust in the Rabbanut and its Kashrut supervisors has deteriorated. Repeated stories of abuse of power, divide between the religious and secular populations and harm of the delicate ties between religion and state have led to feelings of disgust toward Rabbanut services in Israel, particularly its Kashrut services.
    • With complete adherence to Halacha, without fear, without feelings of inferiority and without compromise, “Hashgacha Pratit” answers the demand that has only increased- the demand for trustworthy Kashrut, Kashrut with which the people can work, Kashrut without power struggles, Kashrut that is not influenced by external monetary factors- true Kashrut, independent of bureaucracy or ulterior motives.

  • It started small- a coffee shop in Jerusalem that felt incapable of working with the Rabbanut, yet was still interested in keeping Kashrut. It was this void that Rabbi Aharon Leibovitz, head of the Sulam Yaakov Yeshiva in Nachla’ot and city council member of the Yerushalmi faction, desired to fill. Rabbi Leibovitz, together with the founding members of “Hashgacha Pratit”, built a model of Kashrut services that relied upon trustworthy, stringent Mashgiachs and involved restaurant owners and staff in the process. The Kashrut of “Hashgacha Pratit” has earned customers’ trust and has created a community of consumers who know that the food is Kosher, and that there is someone they can trust.
  • Word of this local enterprise grew, more and more restaurants on the streets of Israel have turned to Rav Leibovitz in hopes of using his model of Kashrut services, and “Hashgacha Pratit” turned into the authority for Halachic Kosher services that is Orthodox, but not through the Rabbanut. Today, “Hashgacha Pratit” has a staff of Mashgiachs that have passed Smicha exams, received licenses as Mashgiachs from the religious office, and are continuously Halachically supported by Rav Leibovitz, Rav Aviad Sanders, Rav Itamar Nachmani and Rav Oren Duvdevani.


Rav Aaron Leibowitz

45 years old, married, father of five and resident of Nachlaot, Rav Aaron has been living in Jerusalem for about 20 years. Raised in Berkeley - California, he made Aliyah as a teenager and served in the IDF as officer in education. Rav Aaron studied in the Kibbutz Ha’dati yeshiva and in Beit Morasha, and was ordained as a Rabbi in 1996. Today he leads Yeshivat “Sulam Yaakov” in Nachlaot. Rav Aaron guided the process of establishing community leadership in the neighborhood, which culminated in his election to be chairman of the Minhal Kehilati (local administration) “Lev Ha’ir.”

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Hemdah Shalom – Kashrut Trustee

Hemdah was among the leaders of the movement to allow women to take the Israeli rabbinate's Kashrut supervision exams, and she is a graduate of Emunah College's first mashgichot training course in 2012.

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Ayala Falk – CEO

Ayela has been living in Jerusalem for seven years. She is an alum of the Beit Midrash for Women in Migdal Oz and the Talpiyot Yeshiva. An industrial engineer by profession, she prefers social and communal work to her official vocation. Ayela volunteers in the education department of the Aid Center for Sexual Assault Victims and in Sahar Organization for Suicide Prevention. She runs the Facebook group “I am a religious feminist and I have no sense of humor.”



Avivit Ravia - Head Mashgiach

Avivit was the first Mashgiach in the organization, was involved in its formation, and established the requirements necessary from the Mashgiachs in “Hashgacha Pratit”. Avivit led the fight for women to be considered for Mashgiach positions under the Rabbanut, and is a graduate of the first course for female Mashgiachs of Emuna (summer 2012).

Yonatan Pelleg - Spokeman

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Rabbi Oren Duvdevani - Head of Kashrut

The Rav Hamachshir of the organization. International expert on kosher supervision, Rabbi of Moshav Sdeh Ilan. Formerly the head of the primary Kashrut organization and head of the Beit Din in Mexico.

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Asaf Zeiderman

Asaf has been living in Jerusalem for eight years now. He is writing his doctoral thesis on Martin Buber at Tel Aviv University and teaches modern Jewish thought at the Ein Prat Mechina program and at the Talpiyot Yeshiva. He served in the Golani Brigade of the IDF and held various officer positions in Michve Alon (a program for recent immigrants serving in the IDF.)  He studied in the Kibbutz Hadati Yeshiva in Ein Tzurim and received an undergraduate and graduate degree in philosophy from Tel Aviv University.


Chaya Gilboa

A Jerusalemite by birth (9th generation in Jerusalem!), Chaya is married to Marik – who she met through the Kashrut project - and mother to Michael. She has an undergraduate degree in Talmud and a masters degree is in public policy  regarding issues of religion and state. After finishing her studies, Chaya worked in Stockholm as a curriculum manager and lectured on Talmud in the Paideia institute for Jewish Studies. Today Chaya is an administrator of the “Chevruta” program in the Hartman Institute – a pluralistic army preparation program for youth from Israel and the United States.


Netanel Dayan – Founding Project Manager

 Netanel Dayan, 29, lives in Katamon with his wife Rachel and their children Eliah and Lavi. Originally from Sha’arei Tikva, he studied under Rabbi Yuval Scherlow and Rabbi David Stav, founders of the “Tzohar” organization. He holds an undergraduate degree from Bar Ilan’s interdisciplinary department in the fields of finance, political science and sociology.

Rabbi Aviad Sanders – Halachic Coordinator

Rav Aviad lives in Jerusalem, is married to Leah and father to Ari, Techelet, Tzuri and Maor. Today he is a ram in Midreshet Lindenbaum and teaches in Matan Hasharon as well as several other Torah teaching frameworks. He is a board member of Ne’emanei Torah V’Avodah and member of Beit Hillel, and served formerly a ram in the hesder yeshiva of Kfar Batya and as the Rosh Beit Midrash of Yeshivat Akiva in Detroit.


Yeshivat Sulam Yaakov

Beit Midrash for the development of community-oriented rabbinic leadership.


Yerushalmim Party

The "Yerushalmim" Party - a local party in the Jerusalem municipal government that promotes pluralism and is based on cooperation between religious and secular members.


Rachel Azaria

Currently a Knesset-member and representative of the Kulanu party. She has served in the past as deputy mayor of Jerusalem for the Yerushalmim party, which she founded in 2008. She has also served as director of Mavoi Satum, an organization which helps Agunot and victims of Gett-refusal. Azaria led the fight against the exclusion of women from public space, and she was among the leaders of the 2011 "stroller protest" for education and parents' rights. She helped found the initiative that became Hashgacha Pratit.

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